Graph for Android™

Graph provides you a powerful function grapher. You will like to use the app because of the intuitive handling and the intelligent structure of the app. Although the app has got diverse possibilities, the usability has never been left behind.


Easy analyse the graph

As a support, to proof or as a small help: this app was made for every analysis of diverse graphs. This app finds the roots, maxima and inflection points.

Modern design

The function range combined with the modern and intuitive design let this app be unique in his category. The usability has been emphasizing since the beginning of coding. The function rage has never been left behind: Multiple graphs, derivatives, parameter, ... no problem for this app. Even the equations were formatted so that they can easily be read.

Differencial- and integral calculus

Derivative and integrals belong to the base functions of this app. The derivatives were determined algebraically. It is really easy to get the monotonie or flection of the graphs. It's no problem to mark the area between the graph and the x-axis. The definite integral is determined approximately.

Points, tangents and normals

With the so called "exploration mode" you are able to explore the graph precisely: The point at a definite x-position were marked and the tangent and normal were marked, so that an precise exploration is possible.

Nice and fast keyboard

The keyboard was developed for usability and rapidity. You can input complex functions easily. They were searched for syntax errors instantly. All trigonometric, logarithm and rootfunctions can be inserted with two touches.

Manage your sessions

You are working on more than one project at the same time? No problem for this app! Manage your equations in sessions and change between them with two touches.

Export as a PNG-file

You want to print, share or continuing process the graph? No problem! Save the graph as a PNG-file with individual settings.

New features planned

The development of the app is constantly in process. There are many features planned, e. g.:

  • Graphical keyboard
  • Draw the definite integral
  • Calculate the indefinite integral
  • Calculate the antiderivative
  • Exact calculation of the definite integral
  • Calculate the limit value
  • Simlify and factoring the equations
  • Exact calculation of root, extrema, inflection points, ...
  • Draw relations
  • 3-dimensional functions and relations

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